Plague Huntress is a dark fantasy metroidvania action/platformer featuring fast paced exploration and melee-heavy combat.

Main Features

Versatile Abilities

Defeating powerful foes allows you to learn new abilities that can be used both in combat and exploration. Every skill learned opens up new strategies and possibilities.

Equipment System

Complete quests, loot chests and enemies or visit the town shops to acquire new weapons and essences, all with unique characteristics that augment your play style. Then set out to find the hidden legendary armor parts scattered throughout the city to unlock Leora’s true potential.

Explore and Uncover

Explore a large interconnected map and use your newfound abilities to uncover secrets and reach previously inaccessible areas.

The Setting

A succession war is put to an uneasy halt when a cataclysmic event brings about a mysterious mist that carries a plague.

The infected turn into monstrosities and the people are left defenseless, as political intrigue hinders all attempts to form a unified front against the blight.

Only the Hunters of The Church of The Innocent, a branch of holy combatants mysteriously impervious to the mist, can offer any resistance. As the kingdom increasingly relies on the hunters for protection, the Church grows in power and influence.

Amidst the chaos, Leora, a devout huntress, is tasked with the capture of an infamous deserter of her religious order. As the chase unfolds, she will battle the plagued creatures of the blight, face political schemes and uncover dark secrets that will challenge her faith and reveal the truth that lies beyond the mist.

Full List of Features
  • Defeat enemies and complete quests to level up your character;
  • Explore a large interconnected map to discover secret passages and treasures;
  • Acquire new abilities to reach previously inaccessible areas and open up new combat strategies;
  • Loot or buy new equipment to further augment your play style;
  • Defeat the creatures of the blight and collect their essences to customize your stats;
  • Quest system to keep track of objectives, rewards and story developments;
  • Face political corruption, religious concerns and moral issues in a mature storyline;
  • Classic pixel art graphics and retro soundtrack;
  • Fully customizable controls with gamepad and keyboard support.
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